Here is a small collection of picture of my precious girl, Lady.

Lady, at about 2-1/2 years old, licking Gilbert (my mom's school guinea pig). KC ready to pounce at the first chance.

Lady and Chloe on the front of the pontoon ready for a ride.

Lady doing a beak count on her baby chicks, being a good momma. These babies were her pride and joy the last week she was with us.

Lady with my 6'1" brother sitting next to her.

Lady about a day after she adopted me. She was still in the stage of... Is this really forever?

I guess she really meant it when she said forever. I love my family and I feel like a happy puppy. Did someone say FRISBEE?

Mommy made me wear this silly thing, but daddy I really can swim good. Do I have to wear this thing?

An accident that happened to Lady on December 7th, has gotten me to look back over the past 5-1/2 years since she adopted me. Lady is such a great girl. I am doing everything I possibly can to help her get back on her feet. She is my companion and friend. She is always there to offer kisses when the tears start to fall. She is a wonderful companion, she is always there to talk to, she will sit or lay down and watch you cocking her head as she "listens". She has filled many lonely days, and is always dependable to be there.


I remember like it was yesterday how she came into my life...

I remember always loving the grace and poise a German Shepherd had. The only real experience I had with this beautiful breed was a neighbor's dog. He was a member of the K-9 unit with our local police department. As I grew up, I remember watching Zeek in his training. I remember the heartbreak everyone felt when an armed thief shot Zeek to death on one of their routine runs. Zeek jumped in front of his partner and took the bullet that was meant for the officer. I knew right then that I would one day get a German Shepherd as my companion and friend after graduation from college.

Upon graduation, I would be moving out on my own miles away from family and friends to gain work experience in a state park. I graduated in January, but I wanted to take one last class, that sounded extremely interesting to me. It was only offered during a May session at a field station my college used. I had taken a number of classes there, so I knew the staff very well. I loved to spend a length of time alone listening to the beautiful creation God has created. I prayed, that some day, I would know when the time was right to get a dog for companionship.

I was one week from the end of this class, when I went home and found a shaggy, starved, German Shepherd laying on my porch. I immediately fell in love with her deep, intelligent, gaze. Her only desire in life was to please me. She began to follow me everywhere... when I went to class she would follow me and lay outside at the edge of the woods until class was out.

I was told by the caretaker of the grounds that there were orders to shoot her because the week before she was seen running deer. He told me that if I wanted her to make her disappear and he would be none the wiser. So, I put up ads in the local area. No one called. After 7 weeks, I officially adopted her.

I took her to the vet and they determined that she was about 2 years old and very healthy considering being dumped off out in the woods.

She went everywhere with me. She was great in the car, she loved to go for rides, the back seat was her place.

I was driving with a friend to a scenic overlook when a drunk driver rear-ended us in my car. Lady was somehow caught in my seatbelt between the drivers seat and the door. She took up the slack in the seatbelt and upon the car finally stopping she proceeded to get into the front seat and sit on my lap. When the drunk came cussing and swearing swinging his fists at Becca and me sitting in my car. Lady barred her teeth and "placed her face" (she didn't lunge) at the side window where the guy could see her pretty whites... He backed off and the next vehicle that appeared was an off-duty fireman taking his kids fishing. Lady bellied up to him and everyone else that came to help. She was just going to protect her mistress from the bad drunk. This is the only time I have ever known her to show any sign of aggression. And at that she never lunged or attacked just showed her teeth and in no uncertain terms warned him to stay away.

When we went camping together, she would sleep right at my feet.

From day one, she was housebroken, she would hold it as long as she had to, until I got home to let her out.

One day I was helping my mom with a local school election. We went in early, around 6:30 am, so I went home a few times during the day to let her out and feed her, but I didn't spend the "quality time" with her that she wanted. I came home that night at 11:00pm to find Lady had found every shoe, slipper, or sandle in the house and stacked them in the middle of the family room floor. She didn't chew any of them just made a really big pile of them. ;-)

She is loved by everyone, she went on "Patrol" with the officers at the State Park I worked with. The kids loved her, and the undesirables "Drug sellers", were afraid of her.

That same summer, she helped a friend of the family recover from a stroke by having him throw her ball for her... She didn't even care if he hardly got passed his lap. She would get the ball and put it back in his hand and continue every day, until he got tired. By the end of the summer, he could actually throw pretty well for a 75 year old grandpa. :-)

She would catch friends indoor cats when they would make a run for it out the door as they were leaving. She would find the cat then pin it down with one of her big paws, never hurting the cat just enough pressure to hold it until it could be caught and taken back inside.

She even learned how to "Stop, Drop, and Roll", to assist my mother's Young 5's class in school with their fire safety lesson.

Lady would have neighbor kids coming around to play with her, their parents were not concerned at all. She is great with kids. We had a picnic for work a couple years ago... one of my husbands bosses brought his wife and 2 kids. One was wanting to play croquet so he was hitting the ball around... His dad was watching as he played in the front yard. Just before he started to get up and tell Eric that he was getting too close to the road, but Lady was watching too. She got up walked over and picked up Eric's ball and walked just ahead of him until she brought him to the back yard then set down the ball and watched him go back to hitting the ball around.

To this day my grandmother with dementia can't remember her children or grandchildren but she does remember Lady and how she was an angel to her "friend". Grandma lit up last Thanksgiving when she saw Lady and started telling everyone who would listen about this "furry angel", that adopted her "friend" and has been her companion ever since.

Lady and I ended up raising 5 baby bunnies when her sister Chloe, killed one of the babies and scared momma away until she abandoned the nest. I would use an eyedropper with milk and Lady would gently nustle them in under her back leg. She was a spayed momma, barring her teeth at Chloe if she got too close.

Last summer Chloe and Ginger decided to try to play a game with me and run around the neighbor's farmfields. I knew that running in a plowed up corn field would not be easy to run in boots, so I sent Lady... She ran down Chloe and herded her back to me. Ginger was a little to fast even for Lady so Ginger when the game ended came home on her own accord. Chloe and Ginger got scolded and confined and Lady got to go to Petco and pick out anything she wanted. She picked out a bone and got to chew it in front of the other two. :-)

She is one amazing girl. I never once regret, adopting this furry (very furry, I might add :-)) 100 lb girl.

*reminiscing stopped for now*

(Tears of love and amazement in my eyes)

My only regret is that I allowed this accident to happen to her. I should have been able to protect her. After all, that is her "job" for me. If I had forseen the events that were going to unfold I would have done so many things differently... Never would I have allowed Lady to get hurt. This has happened for a reason... I only hope that whomever was supposed to learn it does so quickly and she is able to make a comeback.

Thank you so much for this walk down memory lane... :-) Now to just get her better, so she can touch more lives in the future.

My one big prayer is that everyone can have at least one animal relationship, comparable to the one I have with Lady. Everyone that has ever met her has had their lives touched in some special way. :-)

Thank you to all the friends and family members that are praying for Lady's recovery. The twitching of the end of her tail starting on New Years Eve has been a sign of what IS to come. I had something pointed out by a friend tonight... "Just have faith." Faith CAN move mountains. I believe this whole heartedly... we all just sometimes seem to forget and need a little reminding.

I am so sad to say Lady took a turn for the worse March 25th, 2000. We rushed her to the Animal Emergency Med Center, with symptoms of a very weakened digestive system. She was also very painful around the area of injury. They gave me no hope of her ever recovering her bowel or bladder control and the digestive problem was another complication. I made the only decision I knew I could, and help her the only way I could. It was the hardest decision I have ever make, but Lady finally found the peace she so deserved. I love her so much, I just couldn't keep her in the frusteration she was in. I know she is still looking over me and protecting me. She was and always will be a precious, devoted, loving girl.


Devoted Forever

June 26th, 1992

March 25th, 2000