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3747L gets a new engine

We'll have more pictures up over the next 2 weeks. If you have any questions, please email me at N3747L@shepluce.com. We bought the plane with a mid time engine, but we also knew it had not been flown as much as it should have. We expected the engine was going to need some work in the near future. Well, The future ended up being NOW.

February 5th - Plane goes to KBUU for annual
February 7th 8:30am - Rob and Todd get a call from KBUU requesting our presents at the FBO. (Oh no... Pocket books not happy at this moment.)
February 7th 9:00am - Rob and Todd arrive at KBUU airport to chat about 3747L. We found out 2 of the cylinders didn't pass compression checks and that the engine was making quite a bit of metal shavings.
February 9th - Well, to make a REALLY LONG story a bit shorter. Here were our options...
  1. Top existing engine. (Out of question... I don't want to have to do this again in a year.)
  2. Major existing engine. (Ok, not bad, but 145hp doesn't quite cut it for 3 people and luggage.)
  3. New Franklin 220hp engine with constant speed prop. (OH YEAH!!! Now we're talking. But 12 week shipping time. OUCH!)
  4. AirPlains O-360 180hp engine conversion. (Guts and standard engine. But no constant speed prop and no gross weight increase. Hmmm...)
February 13th - After much debate over #3, #4, $$$ and time. #4 won out.
February 26, 2002 - Picture of the day.
Do you think she'll fly like that?
February 20th
Stopped by to get some "In Progress shots". (Anyone have a need for a well used O-300?)
Looks kinda Borg'ish if you ask me.
Yes, we know there are a couple of the cylinders look like they got too hot. VERY LONG story about the Carb that finally got fixed late last year.
I don't really feel like getting into it unless you REALLY want to know.
Something just doesn't look right in this preflight. {Shrug} Oh well... All aboard, ready to go flying?
February 23rd
Can you tell Rob and I are a just a bit excited about getting a new engine?
Old, almost dead O-300D? or new O-360? Hmmm... Let me think about this for a moment.
Do you think she'll fly like this?

Looks like the weight and balance is about right. It might just glide half-way decent. Tow plane anyone?
February 25th
It's about time to start stripping her engine mount apart and prep it to install the new powerplant.
Monday is finally here...

By the time we got to the airport, the engine was already unboxed and the inventory was completed. Looks like we weren't the only excited ones. :)
All this stuff goes into 47L someplace.
February 26th
Looks like progress...

That's Matt in the picture. Matt works for Airway Flight Services at KBUU. He does great work. He's kept 47L safely flying ever since we got her.
We even had the baffling Zinc Chromated. Matt thought they looked funny with that green color so he took the effort to paint them too.
Here's the baffling around the engine. Installed and cleaned up.

This is how it looked when I left Tuesday.
March 3rd
We caught Matt when he wasn't expecting it.
March 4th
New and updated Side shot.
Hey, there's a couple new things hanging below.

Looks like the Carb.
Wait, what happened to our plane...

Whew, that's a Debonair...

Oh yeah, This is Ryan. He's working on 47L as well.
March 7th
Step 1 in lower cowl modifications.
Step 1 in upper cowl modifications.
Now there's a picture you don't see every day.
I really like my Kodak DC210 camers.

It takes really nice pictures.
Not much has noticable changed to the engine other than a few sensors added.

I betcha the guys at KBUU would really like it if we just left them alone for a while.
March 12th
The cowl is going in for patching and painting tonight.
The exhaust system is going into place.

Now that's a tail pipe. It's HUGE!!! (Well compared to the 2 in the O-300 I guess.)
I think it's actually going to fly soon.
Another side shot!
Yes, I know this is getting boring, but we've got to have all the progress documented. (I guess it's a passion.)

Just remember, it takes you less time to click on the pictures than it does for me to resize them and add them to the web page. :)
On the late model Cessna's, the air box requires some modifications.
I'm sure this would work fine once completed, but the next one looks prettier. (I know, I know... It's under the cowl.)

I'm working on getting pictures from Air Plains as to what the air box should look like after the mods.
This is why I like Matt... He takes pride in his work and makes sure things are done right. The modified air box didn't look right to him. I guess he figured that since everything else on the plane was new, he ought to make the air box new too.

So, he made his own.
March 21st
More engine shots... Look, it's a Prop.
More engine shots...
Even more engine shots...
And even more engine shots...
Another top view.
March 23st
Please forgive the long gap in pictures getting added. I've been out of state for a while...
Not much change, but the look will be drastic soon.
April 9th
So close, but yet so rainy...
Look at that... Have you ever seen a Cessna with a Lycoming engine that has a really handy door like this?
Before...and After...
Can you see the holes in the After pics? (Didn't think so... Me either)
De Plane!!! All those pieces and they all found a place to fit together.

Boy she looks sharp.

And now that she's all back together, I've gotta leave town. Guess my partner will be flying her first.