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3747L Gets a New Look


We'll have more pictures up over the next 2 weeks. If you have any questions, please email me at N3747L@shepluce.com. The long overdue interior upgrade is being taken care of during the 2002 annual.

As long as we have the plane in for annual, we thought what the heck. Burlington does an EXCELLENT job of interior work.
This was of course just before we realized we were replacing the engine in 47L, but it'll just mean we have to eat Goulash and Vegitable soup for a few months. Anyway, here's some pics through the process.

February 20, 2002 - Picture of the work in progress.
What happened to our poor plane?
February 10th
We take pride in making sure we are flying a safe bird.

Every annual, we make an attempt to be there so WE can see for ourselves what the inside of our bird looks like.

Pretty clean for a 1966 plane. So far, So good!!!
Before shot.

See all that Brown? That all should be Gray or Charcoal in the next couple weeks.
February 20th
Boy, I sure hope Matt (A&P) knows where all this stuff goes.
Pilot's side.

Start of interior painting.
A look through the baggage door.

The plastic is also being painted to match. That was a family project. :) A picture of the painted plastic should show up somewhere below.
February 23rd
Looks like the plane was ransacked.

What happened to our poor plane?
This was the family project. We repaired the cracks in the plastic with a small "shunt" on the back side of the panel.

Three things...
1. Super glue WILL give you a headache and make you feel really strange if you don't work in fresh air. and...
2. The same goes for the paint.
3. NEVER touch your fingers together. They will stick together instantly and this is VERY scary.
March 12th
Ever wonder what was behind those front panels?
Now this would be flying by the seat of your pants. At least we'd still have radios. :)

No Seats, No instruments... Flying the way my Grandpa did. (Well, close anyway.)
Ever wonder what it'd be like to fly a Cub?

(I know, I know... the Cub doesn't have radios. IT'S JUST A JOKE for my Cub friends!!!)
New additions to the panel. EI Fuel Flow and Engine Analyzer.
March 21st
I actually got to turn the "Master" on... Look at the pretty lights.

Is it Christmas again already?
Check it out, it's all painted Grey now.

All we need now is that glare shield in and a few bolts tightened.
Another paint shot!
Here's one of the door panels back from the interior guy.

Boy, I'm going to have to get his name to post out here too.
WOW!!! Now that's an improvement. Unfortunately we don't have a picture of "before"
Back side of Co-Pilot seat.
The ceiling got a fresh coat of paint too. Much nicer than that yellowish brown.