Pictures of N3747L

September 23rd, 2001 - Plane update: Over the past year, we haven't performed any real "upgrades" as such. We're still recouping from the first year of plane ownership. But, we have been taking care of her. 47L made it into a shared hanger (very nice, brand new hanger) in Burlington just shortly after the paint job was done. It stayed there until earlier this spring, when a T hanger at Sylvania airport made itself available. Since then, that's where 47L has resided. Misc. maintenence, and a very expensive annual (we went ahead and had the carb and mufflers overhauled, they were on the fence, but we don't want anything "marginal"), and about 200 hours of flying since last August.

We took 47L back and forth to Michigan several times this past summer, not nearly as many as I wanted, but about 6 times over the summer. Overall, it's been fun, and rewarding time. Maybe a tad bit expensive, but worth it.

August 24th, 2000 - We're starting on the interior, new carpet is in the plane. Seats and panels as funds free up.
May 9th, 2000 - Click here to see the pictures of the new paint job.
Click here to see the pictures of the new instruments and radios.

***** NEW STUFF *****
(Currently in progress)

Click here to see the pictures of the new engine installation.
Click here to see the pictures of the new interior progress.

Here's the new paint job...

Just a quick picture of Roger Gray and I. Todd, Dawn and I bought 47L from Mr. Gray October of '99.

Just a picture to show the paint job. We liked the colors, but the white was original and starting to peel. After we had the plane for a couple months the white was coming off pretty badly.
Another paint shot.
A quick picture of the new wingtips. In January, we bought Demers'/Madras Tips for 47L, and I like them. There's quite a bit of discussion between pilots as to the actual benefit they provide, but I could tell a fairly drastic (my opinion) improvement in the handling of 47L after the wingtips were installed.
Another wingtip shot. Feel like you're watching home movies yet?
And, of course, the required picture of the plane and owners. Dawn, myself, and Todd.
2nd vanity picture. I like this one a little better.
Ha! Who needs those little wimpy maps to do a flight plan on! We have our own "sectional".