A picture of the steam driven instruments on the old panel.
A full picture of the left side, really just so we could see all the breakers and the layout.
Tach, oil press/temp, and fuel. The Tach was completely bonkers, when the engine was running it would wag back and forth around 200 RPM. This drove one of the CFIs that rode in the plane nuts.
Left side, with the new panel and steam driven instruments. New breakers (pushme/pullme type), new avionics master, and all new instruments (except for the airspeed indicator). I'm extremely pleased with the new setup. It's a standard T, with everything in a much more viewable location. Vacuum right in the middle so that you can't miss it.
And the new right side panel, also known as "The Christmas Tree". :-) New Tach, New Amp/Volt meter, New Oil Pressure/Temp gauge. Same old worthless Cessna fuel gauges though. Ya know, it's hard to believe that the FAA won't let you replace the piece of junk fuel gauges.

The panel and instruments were done by Airway Flight Services, the FBO in Burlington. They did an excellent job. If you are looking for a similar modification to your plane, Matt's (the A&P) quite good at it. :-)

And the new radio panel. From the top,
  • PS Engineering Intercom/Audio Panel/Marker Beacon w/ digital recorder.
  • King 135A GPS/Com, which is actually a very nice VFR GPS.
  • King KX-125 Nav/Com with the CDI on LCD.
  • King KN-53 with the KI-209 CDI (to the left of the picture).
  • And the King KT-76C transponder.
Look Ma! No vacuum tubes! We have all '80's technology! :-)
Waukegan installed headphone jacks for the rear passengers. Looks good, but now it makes me want to replace the side panels. Unfortunately the plane budget is shot for the next 3 years... :-)
March 12th
New additions to the panel. EI Fuel Flow and Engine Analyzer.
March 21st
I actually got to turn the "Master" on... Look at the pretty lights.

Is it Christmas again already?
Check it out, it's all painted Grey now.

All we need now is that glare shield in and a few bolts tightened.
Another paint shot!