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3747L gets a new paint job

I'll have more pictures up over the next 2 weeks. If you have any questions, please email me at robluce1@yahoo.com. I'll hit up the paint shop and post the answers I get.

The stripping and paint job is being done by Burlington Aircraft Refinishers (262-767-xxxx). We looked around at a number of different paint shops to do the work on 47L. Burlington came highly recommended, and I like the work that I've seen them do. The price wasn't the lowest (that honor goes to the shop in Texas that advertises in T-A-P), but it was very reasonable. Burlington is in southeast Wisconsin, about 40 miles from Milwaukee, if you are looking to have your plane repainted, I'd highly recommend them. These guys are -very- easy to work with.

May 9th - Heck, even if you aren't in the area, I'd still check these guys out. I wouldn't hesitate for a second to use them again. If you stop in to have a look around Burlington (or any other airport close by), send me a email. Dawn and I might meet you at the airport for a quick tour and restaurant trip. :-)
UPDATE: Just as an FYI, Burlington Aircraft refinishers is NO LONGER operating out of Burlington Airport. We were sad to see them go.

May 14th - Picture of the final product.

April 25th
The plane went in on the morning of the 24th, and this is at about noon on the 25th. The first stripping is done, and the second stripping will be done by the end of the day on the 26th.
47L is one -sad- looking plane in this picture. :-)
Doesn't it look like it should itch?
April 27th
Making pretty good progress, this picture and the next 3 were taken around 8am. Todd stopped off in the morning to see how it was going. With the boots stripped, it kinda makes me wonder what they're made of. That doesn't look like fiberglass in the picture.
Now -that's- a plane. :-) I'll have to admit, when I stopped in to take the earlier pictures, my first reaction was "My poor plane!" :-) 47L looks pretty good without paint.
April 28th
47L is fully primed and read for paint. I stopped in right before they closed up shop on Friday and took these pictures.
The red obviously isn't primer. :-) It's the first stripe of the new paint job. The guys at Burlington talk about the paint they use quite a bit, and I'll admit, it does look good. If you look down the side of it, it's smooth and even. If you stand in front of it, it reflects like a mirror (well, a red mirror at least... :-) ). I've seen them paint a number of different planes, and after asking around, I've only heard positive comments about the durability and looks of the paint. My understanding is they use this same paint on amphibians as well.
Rudolph had a red nose, 47L is going to have red ears. :-) Sorry, couldn't help myself. It's the Madras wingtips painted in the new color. It's the one thing that Dawn, Todd, and I had a problem a with. We couldn't figure out what color to make the wingtips, we started out with them being black, but a couple people we spoke to recommended against it. We didn't want them white, I didn't like charcoal (grey), so they became red. You'll know our plane anywhere now. :-) (Oh with your ears so bright, won't you guide my...)
The ailerons still on the paint stand...
And the rudder, and one of the elevators.
May 2nd - Todd stopped off in the afternoon to take a couple pictures
A look down the side of the plane at what will become the new stripes. Well at least the black one, the others are under the "stripe masking stuff".
A bit closer...
...and closer. :-) Todd pointed out that you can see his feet in the reflection on the paint.
The rudder, minus the rudder cap.
The rudder cap was pretty much a lost cause. It was going to be replaced anyways, but the week before the paint job it, well, developed hanger rash (grrrrrr, and the ones who shall remain nameless (and aren't in Burlington) treated it as a "What, who us?" (grrrrrr)). Matt (our A&P) and the guys from B. Refinishers are replacing it.
Todd's just too fascinated with the fact that he can see himself in the paint. :-)
Elevator with the new fiberglass tips. We went ahead and replaced the tips on the elevators/stabs while we were at it. They were in good shape, but I couldn't see the reasoning in spending all this money on a paint job and not going the extra yard to get the new 'glass. Of course, I haven't balanced the checkbook this month, we'll see what I say after that...
The other wheel pants, and Todd taking a picture of himself.
We missed this part on 47L, so Todd took a couple pictures of a multi (Barron?) in for a paint job. This is what the paint looks like after they put the first coat of the solvant on it. Not pretty... :-)

There's a Mooney in the background, fully stripped and waiting for a Cessna 172 to get finished so that it can be painted. These guys don't let the moss grow around them, that's for sure... :-)

May 4th - I stopped off in the morning to take these.
It was pretty cool, I got there just as they were opening up and got to see the plane pretty much untouched from the previous nights last coat. Very white.
It's kinda hard to envision what the plane will look like with all the covering for the stripes.
I can't help it. When I first looked at the plane, I thought, Marshmallow...
Elevator painted up, with the new elevator tips.
Is it just me, or does this feel like home movies? And this was us at the Grand Canyon...
And here's the ailerons at Niagra falls. Actually, I'm amazed that I haven't seen a -single- run on all of the control surfaces, or anywhere on the plane for that matter. I just suppose I expected to find something on the ailerons, thanks to Cessna's diamond edges (I'm still rubbing my head (Cessna Joke for the non-flyers)).

These guys must have been painting planes this for some time, or they're adding a secret ingrediant to the paint that keeps it from running. :-) (You ought to see something I paint, it looks like it's been crying by the time I'm done.)

This picture was just to show the "stripe covering", yeah, that stuff.
Ummm, marshmallow... Toasty marshmallow... Well, the guys in the picture are the owners of the shop (I'm almost positive they both are, at least I'm pretty sure, well, I'm kinda sure anyways. Well, someone owns the shop and I'm not -exactly- sure who owns it, but I think these two do. :-) )
As I was taking pictures (I was taking my time and getting in their way), they decided I was holding up the process and asked if they could go ahead and start peeling the plane. Hey, cool. I get to see the plane with the stripes. Then they told me it'd take about an hour and a half to have everything cleaned up. Ooops, can't wait quite that long...
It's the teaser shot. It's where they were at by the time I had to leave. I hope to have more shots up this weekend. Maybe, if someone asks nice... :-)
May 5th - Todd stopped by in the morning to take these.
Ok, I have a confession. I was playing with Todd's camera. When I went in to take the pictures on the morning of the 4th, they guys opened up the hanger doors in the paint shop to give me some light. Well, it was giving the camera fits, so I messed with the exposure setting. Apparently, I forgot to "unmess" it, and Todd took some very "Angelic" pictures of 47L.
This picture shows 47L's halo... See it? It's right there... :-)
May 6th - Todd and I went it to take another set of pictures.
Ok, these pictures won't strain your eyes (This was after I confessed to buggering up Todd's camera, and we went in to take more pictures).
I can honestly say this, now that we have the plane back and I don't have to be concerned about making their heads too big... :-) I haven't found anything I didn't like about the job they did painting the plane. It's as close to perfect as I could have hoped for. The three of us are VERY pleased with the job these guys did.
May 9th
Well, we've got 47L back, at least long enough to taxi back down to the shop so that it can be worked on some more. Just a few more things to finish up before we get it back, and hopefully for good this time, or at least until the next annual. (Cross fingers and say a little prayer, I don't think the checkbook can keep this up any more. :-) )

I want to say something, and I'm sure Todd and Dawn would agree.

We are extremely happy (heck, I'm deliriously happy, but that's just me :-) ) with the work that Burlington Refinishers did. If you'd like to see a sample of their work, let me know, you can come look at 47L anytime. After I (finally) get my license, I might even meet half way for a burger (I really wouldn't mind the excuse to go flying... :-) ) Burlington Refinisher's phone number is at the top of this page.